Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice on Diversity


On 1st June, after spending a week in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park campaigning heavily for the fantastic Lib Dem candidate, Amna Ahmad, I wrote a short piece for www.libdemvoice.org to urge people to turn out to support the campaign efforts in Sutton…

In many ways the key point in my view that holds back progress on this issue is encapsulated in this paragraph:

Passing motions on diversity is all well and good, but when we have the opportunity to make that change and get strong ethnic minority candidates elected we need to step up and make it happen because others won’t always be there to do it for us.

The piece can be found here


#Libdemfightback – some thoughts…


I’m sure everyone’s ready for another hot take after yesterday’s elections (yes I know, I should keep it to myself) but seeing as we have just a month to go till the General Election there isn’t much time to reflect and I thought I’d just post it here. Especially important we pick ourselves up and move on quickly to get back out on the doorsteps and hit the phones again to get as many LD MPs in parliament in a months time!

Now, as you read this you might be feeling a bit miffed that the famed #Libdemfightback is no where to be seen. Where was it? Why didn’t we gain all those seats? Why did we lose seats?

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#NationalComingOutDay (i.e. Everyday)


‘The Robot’. No Emotion. Boring. ‘Sensible’.

Just some of the ways I’ve been described over the years.

Guarded. Insecure. Self-censoring.

Perhaps those are more accurate.

I nearly didn’t write this today. I’m half-terrified someone will read this who doesn’t know yet. I’m gay… I can type it but I find it so difficult to even say those two words even now. I have the most supportive family you could wish for, accepting it without a second thought. (Although when you dress up in heels and a dress when playing fancy dress with your siblings at every opportunity when you’re younger maybe that’s a giveaway!).

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I really enjoyed this spoken word/performance piece on Labels and how we always choose to define ourselves in ways that set us apart… it is a very powerful piece and I thought it was worth sharing…


2016… Bring it on!


The end of a year and the start of the next isn’t really that big a deal in terms of automatic changes whether large or small; we are still the same people and it is very much a case of new year, same me.

Realistically, we shouldn’t need the end of the year to be a catalyst for change and I suspect it is rarely the sole cause of any successful changes in lifestyle, behaviour etc that occur as a result of a New Years resolution. However, it does provide a convenient moment to do some reflection. It’s useful as a point at which we can reference ourselves one year previously and then look forward to the year ahead. In looking back, my piece last year (2015) was titled ‘Reflection’ as I set myself the goal of ‘being myself more’. Looking back I think I’ve achieved this and managed it well. Spending more time with people in person has resulted in a dramatic reduction in facebook statuses since I’ve graduated (something I’m sure many have appreciated), I’m also less active on Twitter and blog very infrequently but I’ve been able to treasure and maintain some strong friendships by focusing time and effort on those. Without trying to beat my own drum/blow my own trumpet (or whichever innuendo ridden cliche you prefer) I have successfully (so far) navigated the transition from student to employed adult. 

So, what of 2016? I feel a few small aspirations will assist me in the coming year to continue with the theme of ‘being me more’ but on a slightly more tangible level… A bit like a bucket list for 2016…

1. To read more and indulge in both fiction and non-fiction to continue learning

2. To see more shows and visit more theatres

3. To exercise more and keep my body & mind healthy

4. To drink more water (does squash count? 😛 )

5. To go to sleep earlier more often (clearly, this is an aspiration…)

6. To go on a date

7. To visit at least four countries and at least one of them outside of Europe

8. To do something political… (Beyond commentary etc)

9. Learn/develop a new skill

10. Find a voluntary role/trusteeship to take on

I’m still not ready to tackle my crisp addiction so for now that’s off the list… 

Some TED Talks that made me think…


So, I’ve started a new job and last week was my second week of training, and once or twice we’ve been shown a TED Talk to illustrate a point. I was reminded how brilliant some of these talks are. So, obviously I had to have a bit of a TED talks marathon on Saturday afternoon and soak in some of the ideas being spread… here are some of the ones that really grasped my imagination or made me think about something in a different way or even made me laugh…! Continue reading

I’ve decided… I’m backing Norman


It’s taken me ages to decide and if I’m honest it probably isn’t the decision I thought I would make. Norman has managed to win me over and has convinced me to cast my vote for him to be leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The truth is, I would happily see either as leader but I was determined to make a decision and choose someone to vote for and there are a number of reasons why Norman managed to convince me after my period of deadlock last week which inspired me to write this blog: Why I’m still struggling to decide on the leadership question…  Continue reading